Jokowi Says Sales of Used Clothing Harming the Domestic Industry

N/A • 18 March 2023 02:09

President Joko Widodo once again, reiterated the ban in selling imported second-hand clothing items in Indonesia, and has ordered relevant ministries and government institutions to take the matter seriously. The president also stressed that the business of selling imported second-hand clothing in Indonesia, is really damaging to the country's industries.

President Jokowi is now pushing for the public, alongside his ministries and govenrment institutions to support the P3DN incentive, which is the incentive created to boost the use of locally-sourced, and locally-made products, the president also mentioned  

President widodo has instructed relevant parties to take swift actions, against those conducting these illegal businesses. Regulations related to the prohibition of buying and selling secondhand goods, have been included in the number 40, ministry of trade regulations 2022. In this law,  second hand goods, especially clothing, are prohibited from being imported.

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(Heri Dwi Okta R)